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Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Broken Cross - Satanic blasphemy and sorcery

Broken Cross to the right of a protestant who pretends to be a Catholic priest by the name of m.e. morrison. He is a liar and half truth teller, all as a money making dodge.

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From the web:
M.E. Morrison was "ordained" in California in a Protestant church (Ebenezer Lutheran Chirch) by Thaddeus Alioto, a married man claiming to be a bishop (because he had been "consecrated" a bishop by Wallace David de Ortega

De Ortega Maxey had been "consecrated" numerous times by various North American Old Catholic bishops (whom even the Old Catholic Churches in Europe deny have valid orders).  De Ortega Maxey also *claimed* to have been consecrated by Antoine Aneed.

Aneed's story is that he was consecrated a bishop by a RC Eastern Rite bishop in Syria and sent to America.  Both the Vatican and the Syrian Patriarchate involved denounced the story as a fabrication.

If you have any doubts over the veracity of my statements as to where Morrison got "ordained," just ask his fellow "independent" priest, Merril Adamson.   He was "ordained" in the same ceremony.  I've a written statement from him confirming the fact.

This is important not because of anything Morrison states on the internet, but because he dresses up his statements as coming from a RC priest.  Even the devil can quote Scripture.

Anyone e-mailing to Morrison's list a request for the facts of his claimed ordination will be dropped.

It never ceases to amaze me how sedevacantists can be so cock-sure JP II is a fraud, yet swallow hook, line and sinker any number of bogus clerics; just because the frauds sing the music sedes like to hear.

It takes more than "right" preaching to make a priest.

[ [deleted] -- [deleted] ]

The alleged Antoine Aneed line:  

ANEED, Antoine Joseph (1881-1970) -- consecrated on 9 October 1911 by: Melece Sawoya,  also on 10 September 1944 by Lowell Paul Wadle and Edgar Ramon Verostek.   On 23 August 1945 Aneed exchanged consecrations with Lowell Paul WadleHenry Joseph KleefischCharles H. Hampton and Wallace David de Ortega Maxey.  So what do we make of the mockery of these various consecrations?

Méléce Sawoya  (1870-1919) was Consecrated on February 5, 1905 as Metropolitan Archbishop of Beirut and Gebeil, Lebanon.  Lineage in the Melkite-Greek Catholic Church of Antioch (Monophysite).  He was consecrated by Cyrillos VIII Jeha of the Melkite-Greek Church.

Where does Thadeus Alioto figure in Morrison's ordination?  ALIOTO, Thaddeus Bernard Joseph was consecrated sub conditione on 22 May 1983 by: Wallace David De Ortega Maxey assisted by: Robert Ronald Ramm.  The sub conditione consecration is not by the Catholic Church by any means, so it is not valid.

Those who have more information should fill in some blanks.  It takes a lot of patience to go through the convoluted, entangled labyrinth of these episcopal consecrations.  What must be remembered is that the Apostolic lineage in the Catholic Church is easily charted and one can be precise in tracing any one who has valid Holy Orders all the way to the Apostles.

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